AFA Fostering – Policies

Please note: having consulted with staff, Foster Parents, children and young people, AFA Fostering has reviewed its use of language and terminology and we will be adopting some changes to our approach. While these are being fully implemented, you may notice that some of the terminology in our policies is not consistent. Please bear with us while we change all of our documents as they are periodically reviewed.

Safeguarding Children & Young People

All policies relating to Safeguarding children and young people and AFA’s responsibilities regarding this can be found in this section.


A full list of all policies can be found here.

Fostering Service

All policies relating to AFA’s functioning are found here

Fostering Role

This section contains policies relating to Foster Parents’ roles and responsibilities

How to use Manual Glossary & Resources

Information on how to access this site is located here. Additionally, a Glossary of terms and a list of additional resources to assist you are found here.

Caring for Children & Young People

This section provides guidance on how Foster Parents care for children and young people